6 Easy Steps To Give Up Smoking

Everyday there are millions of people who want to quit smoking but fail to do so. Quitting smoking is not a easy task, but it is definitely not impossible you can do it.

1. Making commitments to you-self.

Commit yourself that you will be quitting smoking in the coming few days and stand by your commitments. No matter how many times you fail, just have faith in yourself and stand against it all again. Tell your family and friends that you are quitting smoking; they will help you with it. Your commitment to yourself has to be so strong that, you should not turn back.

2. Make a plan

You can’t just get up and say “I am going to quit smoking today”. You have to prepare yourself for it, build a plan for yourself. Your plan for quit smoking will involve, rewards, support- for e.g. a person to call if you are in trouble. Make a list of thing that you will do when you get an urge to smoke, take a print out of it and put it on walls at home and at work. Be prepared to avoid the situation when you get those urges.

3. Know your inspiration

When your get the urge to smoke, just start thinking about your inspiration. Why and for whom do you want to quit smoking, is it for your kids? Or may be for your lovely wife? Or may be for a healthy lifestyle? Or may for the girl you like does not like smoking? List some of good reason or reasons for quitting. Keep reminding yourself about the reason why your want to quit smoking.

4. Not even a single puff

Try your take a control over your mind. Mind is a tricky thing it will tell you, one cigarette won’t cause any harm, just ignore it. Don’t fool yourself, by taking one puff also it will soon lead to the fact that you are not smoking.

5. Reward yourself

Set a reward for yourself; buy something that you always wanted to have for yourself. Gift yourself whatever you can afford. Put the money in a jar that you have saved for quitting and make it as your reward; celebrate your success every single time.

6. Delay

The moment you start getting an urge to smoke just wait and keep delaying it. Do everything that will distract you from smoking, drink water, eat snacks, concentrate more on work, etc. Replace all your negative habits; avoid going to pubs and bars and attending late night parties.