7 Brilliant Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Medication for men who are suffering from the difficulty of an erection placed a huge step forward since the first ever oral erectile dysfunction drug known as Generic Viagra also called as sildenafil, was brought in the year 1998. Though there have been changes currently in a host of other impotence treatments varying from above-the-counter pumps to suppositories and implants needed for surgeries.

Analyzing your own impotence is a bad idea actually, however. If you have problems regarding an erection, it's pretty much essential to see a doctor before pursuing any sort of treatment. The possibilities are like there could be a scientific explanation for your situation, and your basic health and sexual history may come into picture. 


Pills such as Viagra, Cialis (tadalafil) and Generic Levitra (vardenafil) helps against erectile dysfunction by relaxing soft muscular tissues in the penis, a process that boosts up blood flow and facilitates an erection. These pills are 75% beneficial in allowing the penis to achieve proper erection during sexual intercourse. And the pills are usually assumed safe. Side effects of these pills may be headaches, congestion in the sinus, improper digestion and blue vision, but all are generally moderate. If you are already on these drugs then do prevent yourself from intake of nitrates. The combination can degrade blood pressure to hazardous levels and can even lead to heart attack.


If medicines don't perform, a physician might suggest treating drugs straight into the base or the part of the penis with a tiny needle or placing a suppository into the urethra. This injectable medication alprostadil is an artificial edition of prostaglandin E1, a hormone-like material that features in the same way to erectile dysfunction tablets. Some injections combine alprostadil with other drugs such as the vasodilator papaverine and the alpha-blocker phentolamine to improve its efficiency. Your physician can educate you to execute the injections yourself at house.


For males who choose to avoid inject themselves or are scared of the needles, a suppository known as MUSE consisting the drug alprostadil is also available, but it is not assumed as powerful as the shots. The injection is a straight way delivery of medication to the penis, as long as the suppository is introduced into the urethra and when it is captivated it degrades some of its power. Both methods have the same basic complaint: Men using injections often generally complain that they take away from the tendency of sex because it takes time to make and execute the medications.


A penis vacuum pump proves to be most beneficial at boosting up blood flow to the penis and they are easily available at your nearby chemist at relatively low cost. The technique of pumping air out of the tube hauls blood into the erectile tissue. To remain erect after removing the tube, it's a brilliant idea to slip a blockage ring over the downside of the penis.

Constriction rings

Cock rings used around the lower part of the penis can reduce the speed at which blood leaves the penis. While blockage rings won't boost up blood flow into the penis, they can extend an erection as soon as it is accomplished for instance with the help of a vacuum pump. Rings should not be worn for more than 25 minutes and should be removed quickly if you experience cold, paralysis, or pain in the genital area.

Eat Well

One of the primary sources to an appropriate required erection is a healthy diet. You do not need to rely on consuming heavy foods which are very difficult to digest if you know an affectionate moment is in your near future.


Try to do abdominal exercises as much as you can. This will really help you to support abdominal muscles and hold your erection as hostile to holding your belly. Moreover, if your intimation is too large, it aims to make your unit small by comparison. Being in appropriate figure and having a good body structure will make you feel good about yourself and boost up your confidence. This will indirectly make you comfortable with your body fascinating you to have sex and boosting up your sexual limitations.