Hepatitis and its Types

Hepatitis is the common disease these days that is caused by virus and sometimes by bacteria however virus is the main cause. The effects of hepatitis start with inflammation of liver. According to the scientists and doctors, there are five different types of viruses that cause hepatitis. However all these hepatitis are dangerous to health and causes heavy damage to liver. The five different types of hepatitis are Hepatitis ‘A’, ‘B’,’ C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’. There are reasons for the cause of these deadly diseases. However, Hepatitis A is mostly caused by unhealthy and unhygienic food and water.

This type of virus is present in fecal material and if by chance these materials gets contaminated with water and food than the hepatitis virus spreads easily. People suffering from hepatitis A will suffer from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue, etc. however dark urine and yellow skin are two additional symptoms of Hepatitis. There are two types of vaccine available, where one treats the disease and the other protects the body from acquiring it. 

 Hepatitis B is the most common disease that is found in people however this disease spreads through blood and sexual intercourse. The symptoms of hepatitis B are almost the same as hepatitis A however loss of appetite is the symptom found during the impact of hepatitis B. In few cases it has been noticed that some people suffering from hepatitis B finds no symptoms in their body. To treat the disease, it is necessary to consume appropriate drug however vaccine is also available. The remaining categories of hepatitis are hepatitis C, D, and E which is also spread through blood however the symptoms they bear are similar to vitamin A but jaundice is a disease that is closely associated with hepatitis C. 

Fatigue is the common cause as liver damage means low consumption of food and that leads to low production of glucose in the body. However the insufficient glucose production means low energy and deficiency of glucose in the body will lead to fatigue. Muscles and joints pain are obvious because of low energy in the body. Hepatitis mostly occurs due to excess alcohol consumption, problem in gall bladder and pancreas, infection in liver and due to side effects of drugs. However Jaundice is the hazardous disease where the color of the body changes to yellow. It is basically caused because of the high percentage of chemical called bilirubin present in the tissues.

 When liver is damaged the chemical bilirubin gets accumulating and later enters into blood stream. That is the reason why the color of the skin turns yellow. Low blood sugar is another symptom of hepatitis. The damage of liver decreases the appetite of a person and low consumption of food means low production of glucose in the body which results in   low blood sugar. However all kinds of hepatitis are curable but hepatitis E is the only one that cannot be treated and search for treatment of this disease is on.