How Sleeplessness Leads to Hypertension?

Hypertension is a common health problem these days plaguing millions. It does not see age group anymore like before. Previously people above 40 used to get high blood pressure problem. However, hectic and busy schedule of today has inserted the problem in youngsters as well. Infirmaries are full of all age people suffering from hypertension. The problem is life threatening. Keeping it in control is essential. Go to your physician for the guidance and remain strict to all the suggestions he give.

High blood pressure is a condition when the blood puts pressure on the wall of arteries excessively. The normal blood pressure level is 120/80 mm Hg. When the level crosses 140/90 mm Hg it is a condition of hypertension. Factors that lead to this condition are varied. According to the recent research it is discovered that high blood pressure can also be experienced due to lack of sleep or insomnia. The article throws more light on it that shall clear how is it so?

Usually we have heard that obesity, smoking, depression, stress, alcohol, unhealthy diet, tension, diabetes, etc all these factors cause hypertension. These are common causes. But, new thing has come into light that improper sleep can also induce high blood pressure. 6 to7 hours sleep is must for everyone. If upset this schedule, then be ready to face this threatening problem.

Entire body goes to resting stage during sleep. Mind also calms down. For controlling blood pressure taking adequate sleep is essential. During slumber hear rate slows down, which keeps blood pressure in control. On the other hand, when sleep is not proper, both heart rate and blood pressure rises. This causes hypertension. Stress hormones are also released during sleep that helps in preventing high blood pressure. However, this does not happen during insufficient sleep leading to high blood pressure.

This blood pressure disorder is very serious. It puts pressure on heart immensely and even causes heart problems like heart attack, strokes, chest pain and so on. Therefore, treating high blood pressure as soon as possible is absolutely of essence. Nowadays high blood pressure is the primary cause of heart problems in people. So, stay away from it and take good treatment.

Hypertension cannot be treated on own. Help of a physician is must to be taken. Physician properly diagnoses the problem and prescribes treatment accordingly. Medications are main treatment of this problem these days. There are several drugs for treating high blood pressure. They are much helpful in lowering hypertension. These drugs are advised to be taken daily in most cases. Follow the instructions given by doctor very seriously.

As the article mentions that this blood pressure disorder is also caused due to lack of sleep. If this is the case, look for methods to overcome insomnia. There are many ways- natural as well as drugs, to treat sleeplessness. Once the problem is overcome the blood pressure will automatically become normal.

Blood pressure patient should lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet, regular exercise, good sleep, personal hygiene etc. all should be maintained well.