Know all the Essential Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is increasingly becoming a very popular all over the world majorly due to its powerful health benefits. This article will be helpful for you to know some of the unusual health benefits of green tea. Here are the never ending health benefits of green tea;

·         Green tea helps you burn body fats and boosts your metabolism rate for natural Weight loss

·         Green Tea helps your body at protecting cells from damage believed that are to be linked with the cause of Cancer

·         Green Tea helps you lower the level of Cholesterol in your body

·         Green Tea prevents you from Heart Disease and Stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol

·         Green Tea strengthens your bones to preserve bone density.

·         Green Tea prevents Obesity and helps control body weight 

·         Green Tea helps you control the Blood Sugar level in your body

·         Green Tea prevents Diabetes. It improves lipid and glucose metabolisms and controls blood sugar level

·         Green Tea prevent brain cell damages, that may cause Parkinson's

·         Green Tea contains antioxidant that helps you fight against aging and promotes longevity

·         Green Tea prevents Liver Damage

·         Green Tea protects the cartilage by blocking the enzyme that destroys cartilage hence, can help you prevent and reduce the risk of arthritis

·         Green Tea contain EGCG that relieves Allergies

·         Green Tea can kill bacteria which causes Food Poisoning

·         Green Tea protects our skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, which causes wrinkling and skin aging. It also helps you fight against skin cancer. Thus gives you a healthy, glowing and a younger looking skin.

·         Green Tea can help stop the HIV virus from spreading all over the body

·         Green Tea boosts your memory to prevent Alzheimer's

·         Green Tea keeps your Blood Pressure in control

·         Green Tea helps boost your Immunity in order to make you stronger and fight against various infection and diseases

·         Green Tea contains Vitamin C that prevents you from getting Cold and Flu

·         Green Tea reduces the severity of Asthma by relaxing the bronchial tube

·         Green Tea is useful to destroy bacteria and viruses that may cause many Dental Diseases

·         Green Tea can help you relieve from Stress and Anxiety

These are some of the miraculous health benefit of green tea. Gift yourself with a budget pack of green tea and make use of all the health benefits of it. So you can now start drinking at least 3-4 cups of green tea in a day and lead a healthier life ahead.