Onion Juice For Hair Growth

Ever felt as if, your brush has more hair than your scalp does? It can dampen to manage baldness, and see your tresses thinning after some time. There may be a gazillion items out there that guarantee to reestablish your locks to their previous greatness, however, do they truly live up to their promises? In the event that you are looking for a surefire best approach to accomplish hair development, there is one fixing that has lain unconsidered and ignored – the modest onion. Modest and promptly accessible, onions can be the end of the greater part of your hair troubles. To know the why and how, read on

How To Use Onion For Hair Growth?

Alert: Those who have an allergy to onions, even its topical application can bring a reaction. Likewise, certain solutions, for example, ibuprofen can expand affect ability to onions. A fix test is vital before utilizing onion for hair treatment.

Why Is Onion Effective In Facilitating Hair Growth?


The onion has a high concentration of sulphur that assists with various hair conditions that make hair fall out. To begin with, it is important to comprehend the structure of your hair and the reasons for hair fall keeping in mind the end goal to understand why onion is a successful cure.

Hair is comprised of proteins, out of which keratin gives hair its quality. This is a result of the sulfur present in it. It is the chemical bonds that sulfur shapes to determine the texture of your hair, and also it’s well being. Indeed, baldness has been connected to the non appearance of high sulfur proteins. Methylsulfonylmethane is a very absorbable wellspring of sulfur, which is found in onions. It assists with the arrangement of keratin in hair, which brings about hair development.

Late research has demonstrated that the topical use of onion juice can help with alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an auto-insusceptible illness where the body assaults the hair follicles, and these outcomes in spot hairlessness. Onion juice assists with the re-development of hair in the spots where the hair has dropped out.

Following are the ways to use onion juice for your hair:-

1.      Onion Juice After-Wash Solution

All you need is 1 tablespoon of onion juice, with 1 litre of warm water, mix them well and apply it on your hair.

Use:- The onion juice for hair can be effectively used every day.  But its foul odour can stay in your hair until and unless you shampoo it completely.

2.      Olive Oil And Onion Hair Mask

You need:-

·         Small onion

·         2 spoons of olive oil

·         1 cup beer

How To Use

·         Chop the onion in small parts and blend it, you may even apply its left over pulp after making the juice

·         Add beer and olive oil to make a paste

·         Apply hair and keep it for 1-2hours

·         Wash it off with a shampoo

When To Use

This mixture should be applied at least once in a week. Consumption of onion orally, can also prove beneficial.

Onion is often neglected when it comes to hair remedies. So give it a chance and say bye bye to hair loss.