Orange Juice is a Healthy Drink for Body

Juices are essential nutrients for the body. Nowadays juices are made of all fruits. Among all the juices the juice that has great nutritional value is orange juice. Orange juice is most healthy for one’s health. One glass orange juice daily gives extreme nourishment to the body and keeps it fit and fine. Orange juice is not a fermented drink. It is made freshly out of fresh oranges. This juice nourishes body in a number of ways. Orange juice gives vitamin C to the body. One glass of this juice fulfills body daily requirement of vitamin C. other minerals this juice contains are potassium and magnesium. Orange juice is low in fats as well. Cholesterol level also remains under control on taking it. There are multiple uses of orange juice for the body.

Lets understand nutritional value of orange juice in detail. It will take you closer to the benefits of orange juice.

* Vitamin C is extremely necessary for boosting bodys immune system. Strong immune system prevents a person from many health diseases and keeps them safe and healthy. In addition, other damages that takes in the body are also rebuild by Vitamin C. This form of vitamin contains antioxidants, which help in repairing the body cells and prevents any damage. Vitamin C also has anti cancer attributes. Overall this vitamin is very important for the body. Body should be kept replenished with it daily. To fulfill its need just one glass of orange juice daily is sufficient.

* Orange juice is highly recommended to high blood pressure patients. Actually this juice contains magnesium and potassium, which are helpful in lowering blood pressure level. Hence, patients of hypertension should take orange juice daily to keep control over blood pressure. Orange juice is good for reducing heart diseases as well. This juice allows free flow of blood all over, which keeps heart in a healthy condition. Heart remains prevented from diseases like strokes, heart attacks, chest pain etc. During pregnancy ladies are advised to take orange juice daily. It promotes healthy growth of the baby and keeps a lady also healthy. High calcium content in orange juice keeps teeth and bones also strong.

The above nutrition facts of orange juice in detail would have certainly helped in molding your mind to take the juice daily. Taking orange juice daily is very nutritious for the body. However, never take too much of orange juice. It is acidic by nature, so can pose problems for health if overdone. One or two glasses are enough.