Watermelon is a low-calorie, hydrating natural fruit with a source of vitamins and minerals that can battle aggravation, free radical damage and keep away from various ailments.

The advantages of watermelon incorporate increased amount of lycopene, a specific kind of carotenoid which is of much interest to the researchers due to its known antioxidant capacity and different potential health advantages. Lycopene is in charge of giving pink or red colour to various fruits and vegetables, including watermelon. While researchers have constantly realized that tomatoes are an awesome wellspring of lycopene, moreover, watermelon has additionally moved into the spotlight as another good choice for providing this basic supplement for battling free radical damage. As the name suggests, watermelon contains 85% water. It contains a vast amount of vitamin A and C.  

The rind of watermelon, that appears green in colour, keeps the maximum amount of water logged. You should eat them rather than throwing it away because of the following reasons:-

1.       It keeps you better in bed

According to the research, watermelon rind helps men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Amino acid citrulline is concentrated in the rind. The study showed that consuming L-citruline improves erections without many potential side effects leading with Viagra. Try to add watermelon rind with lemon juice and add some chilli powder on it. Both are good for your health.

2.       It might boost your workout

Citrulline improves your cardio. Most evidence of it is anecdotal. To have it naturally, try pickled watermelon rinds, it is mainly seen in southern states.

3. It Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure                                                                                                                                    

If your doctor has instructed you to bring down your blood pressure, try eating watermelon. According to the study, watermelon separate supplements, it can help obese people to control their blood pressure. Watermelon is likewise a potential diuretic, which frequently is endorsed for individuals with hypertension.

4. It Can Help Your Prostate

Watermelon is an awesome wellspring of lycopene, an anti oxidant that could avoid prostate disease. More research is expected to set up a solid relationship amongst lypocene and tumour prevention, however preliminary studies are promising. Lycopene is additionally found in the tomato skin. Watermelon's diuretic properties can likewise keep your urinary tract working in proper function.

3.       Prevents Kidney Stones

Studies have shown that potassium found in fruits and vegetables like watermelon is very helpful in cleaning toxins and washing out waste from the blood, helping to prevent kidney stones. When the blood  contains too many toxins, deposition builds up in the kidneys. It leads to high uric acid concentration in the blood and can lead to kidney stones, gout and other painful conditions.Watermelon benefits also include being a natural diuretic, meaning it helps to increase urine production that removes body waste. While caffeinated drinks and alcohol also work as diuretics, they put stress on the kidneys while watermelon does not.

4.       Relieves Pain and Muscle Soreness

Examines have demonstrated that watermelon's supply of the amino corrosive l-citrulline is powerful at diminishing muscle soreness. One specific Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry concentrate at watermelon juice as a practical drink for competitors and observed that continuous supply of watermelon juice for 24 hours to athletes enhanced heart rates that were most helpful for muscle recovery notwithstanding less general soreness and muscle aches.