Top 10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Healthy food has always been the furtive of achieving a healthy body. Since many individuals exert to lose their weight, many of them have a few desires to gain a few pounds as well. You might think it is quite simple to gain weight like just by consuming all types of oily, fried and fatty foods but, that is obviously not a healthy way. To earn weight while being healthy is a challenge nevertheless this is not difficult to overcome. Simply go with the foods that are fully loaded with calories and have desired nutrients. Foods high in proteins help to improve your body muscular tissues and gain weight effectively. So, here are the top 10 foods that are completely loaded with right nutrients and calories.

Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are highly rich in calories, nutrients and fiber. So always make sure you include some raisins, almonds, walnuts and cashews in your diet. A Cup of raisins has about 450 calories whereas a cup of almonds has approximate 530 calories. You can include them in salads and cereals or as a topping on ice creams and yogurts.


Like other dairy products even cheese consists of all required beneficial nutrients. It is completely rich in fat that means it is pretty much healthy if you want to adapt weight quickly. It is also highly rich in protein, calcium, and cholesterol along with the calories. So, scatter some amount of cheese on your foods to make them even more appetizing. A single serving of cheddar cheese consists around 70 calories.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is fully loaded with protein and fat. It can be an awesome preference for people trying to gain weight. One tablespoon of peanut butter consists around 100 calories. It has tremendous beneficial nutrients. The proportion of fat in peanut butter is generally of unsaturated type which is healthy as far as your heart is concerned. You can make the use of peanut butter on whole grain breads, dips for apples or in the form of shake after the executions of your workout.

Whole milk

Whole 'fat' dairy milk can be used with oats, cereal products or can be experienced as just a cup of milk with an extra boost of chocolate. It is loaded with calories and also contains vitamin D and A. A glass full of milk has about 120-150 calorie consumption capacity.


Potato is a typical veggie that people usually prevent consuming when they want to shed body weight .It is a wealthy source of carbohydrates and helps in gaining body weight. It has great healthy value as it is loaded with starch, fibers and vitamin C. Have potatoes with its peels on as it is fully loaded with proteins or add it to your different fresh vegetables. A method sized potato has around 180 calories.


Pasta is a food that is delicious and highly rich in calories. It is also loaded with carbohydrates as well. Add to it a several different types of vegetables and it becomes rich in its nutritional value. A bowl of macaroni consists of approximately 400 calories whereas a bowl of baked spaghetti has around 250 calories in it.


Butter is a good medium of saturated fats and a minimum quantity of it can be used for cooking. It can be consumed by simply spreading it on bread or to fried items and can be added to several dishes to enhance the flavor. Butter or ghee has a unique concentrated taste and the content of calories in it together make you gain weight fast.

Healthy sugary fruits

Sweet Fruits like mango, apples, bananas and papaya can help you gain tremendous weight. These consist of natural sugars and are a great medium of energy. Avocados are the brilliant option for those trying to gain weight fast. It is fully loaded with fat and calories. An avocado consists of approximately 300 calories. So definitely add these lovely and healthy fruits in your regular diet as fruit custards, sweets and drinks.


Eggs consist of high proportion of calories and also contain nutrients and protein. A single egg on an average contains approximately 70 calories and 6 grams of fat. That is why it is one of the favorite foods amongst body builders. They are also highly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and the egg yolk involves extremely high percentage of cholesterol that is pretty much healthy. So go for scrambled egg, boiled or half fried egg up to gain weight fast.

Lean red meat

Lean meat is extremely high in calories and increases weight fast. This can be consumed with a healthy diet for a healthy body. They are also a brilliant source of proteins that are helpful for building body muscles. Enjoy it roasted or baked and gain weight fast.