Watermelon is Healthy Fruit with High Nutritional Value


Watermelon health benefits are plenty. This fruit can be found throughout the year in the market, however it benefit body best in summer season. In short, watermelon is a summer season fruit. Nutritional value of this African melon is very high. During its season i.e. summer, eat it to the max. You will receive many health benefits in return. Multiple nutrients this fruit contains are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, potassium, sugar, calcium, iron, vitamin, energy, water and many more.

This nutrients loaded fruit has many health benefits also. Enriching knowledge regarding it is greatly helpful. Health benefits of watermelon are:

1) One of main nutrients required by body is potassium. Watermelon contains it, hence fulfills bodily needs. Potassium prevents muscle cramps and sore muscles problem. Daily intake of watermelon gives safety against these problems.

2) Healthy bones are highly important for a body. Watermelon strengthens bones. Calcium present in it is beneficial for bones in all ways and takes care of them.

4) This fruit is good for enjoying glowing and radiant skin. Beta carotene and vitamin C present in this fruit produces collagen in high level. Collagen is essential for healthy skin.

5) Healthy immune system is important as it imparts protection against various diseases and infections. Watermelon beefs up immune system. Vitamin C present in it helps in making immune system strong.

6) During sweating body loses sodium and potassium. Their loss in high amount is not good because they are essential for body functionings. Especially in summers people lose them because of sweating. Eating watermelon every day covers up their loss; hence keeps body healthy.

7) Watermelon also develops mental health. Vitamin B6, nutrient present in watermelon, is important for brain health. It relieves brain of stress, tension and anxiety, and helps a person in getting proper sleep also.

Watermelon is best to eat for summers. It can be eaten as a fruit or its juice can also be taken. In both forms it is equally effective. Take it in whichever way you like.