Speeding up Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

Metabolism is a process in which the calories that you consume are broken down into essential nutrients that are needed by the body to perform various activities. Metabolic rate is the pace at which the breakdown of these calories takes pace. The resulting nutrients are used by the body for activities like digestion, breathing, etc. Once the body uses up the nutrients that it needs for daily activities, the remaining or extra calories are stored back in the form of fats. This is how slow metabolism contributes to weight gain. To ensure that all the calories that you consume are completely utilized by the body, it is essential to take measure to speed up metabolism.

Factors that determine the metabolic rate of any individual include age, gender, and the amount of physical activities performed throughout the day. The metabolic rate starts to decrease as you age. Also, women often have lower metabolic rate than men. You can enhance metabolism by following a proper diet and exercising regularly. Making just a little adjustment in your lifestyle will help to speed up the metabolism. Some good ways of boost metabolism are discussed below.

Develop a Healthy Diet Plan

There are some foods and drinks that help to increase metabolism naturally. Some of the best metabolism enhancers are listed below.

Green Tea

Drinking around five cups of green tea every day is one of the best ways of boosting metabolism and burning fats.  Having a cup of hot or cold green tea before every meal can make you feel less hungry.


The essential fatty acids and proteins that almonds contain help to enhance metabolism. It is always advised to have control over your almond consumption as they contain a lot of calories.

Water, as we all know, is vital for the health of your body. Water not only helps to boost the metabolic rate, but it is also important for detoxification.


Being high in fiber, oatmeal improves your metabolic rate and boosts energy. Eating oatmeal for breakfast will keep your hunger satisfied for a longer duration.


Caffeine is known to be helpful in speeding up metabolism. Drinking coffee also helps to increase concentration. However, drinking too much of it can produce certain side effects.

Some other foods that can help to boost metabolic rate include spinach, eggs, yogurt, beans, whole grains, berries, turkey, apples, etc.

A very common misconception is that skipping breakfast or meals can speed up weight loss. The truth is that starving causes a fall in metabolic rate, thereby leading to weight gain. Having a filling breakfast is necessary for speeding up metabolism, as being asleep at night slows down the metabolic rate.

Exercise Regularly
Regular exercise is an essential part of speeding up metabolism. In fact, a proper exercise routine is as important as eating healthy. If you can’t join a gym, just start performing simple physical activities for at least 30-45 minutes. Avoiding the use of vehicles for short distance, climbing stairs instead of making use of the lift, taking your pets for a short walk, etc. are some easy ways of staying physically active. Some simple exercises that you can perform to boost metabolism include cycling, walking, and swimming. If you are not at all used to exercising, consult a physical trainer to learn more about exercises that speed up metabolism.